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A Guide To Understanding Grab Hire

A hassle-free way to dispose of household or commercial waste, grab hire is a convenient solution when there is a large volume of rubbish to dispose of, like during a home renovation project or when working on a complex construction project. This guide covers how grab hire works, why using a grab lorry might be a good option, and the types of waste that can be disposed of.

What is a grab lorry?

A grab lorry is a truck which features a bucket at the end of an extendable hydraulic arm, which is used to grab waste and place it inside the lorry. 

Unlike a skip, which is left on site and filled gradually, a grab lorry arrives on site and is loaded in one go, before waste is driven away for disposal. The design of a grab lorry also means it has a larger capacity than the average skip, so more rubbish can be collected in a single site visit.

Why use grab lorries?

Using a grab lorry to dispose of large volumes of waste is easy and convenient. Because waste is grabbed and deposited directly into the truck, there is no need to wheelbarrow rubbish into a skip or take multiple trips to the tip. The grab operator does all the loading for you, saving you time and manual labour.

The extendable arm of a grab lorry makes it suitable in areas with awkward access, as rubbish can be easily lifted over walls, fences, and other obstacles. Grab hire doesn’t require space on a driveway or road either, and there is no need for permits or signage.

The huge capacity of grab lorries means the lorry can carry the equivalent of up to three skip loads. Plus, because waste is collected and removed immediately, grab hire is a time-saving solution.

Skip hire or grab hire: Which is better?

Choosing between skip hire or grab hire depends on the nature of your project and the site you are working on – but both options are easier than ferrying rubbish to the tip. 

During an ongoing project where waste is generated over a period of time, skip hire is a better solution as it allows you to continuously collect rubbish for the duration of the hire period. However, a grab lorry will only be on site for a short time, so grab hire might not work if you are generating waste for a sustained period.

Smaller jobs might not require the large capacity of a grab lorry, in which case a skip could be a more cost-effective solution. Meanwhile, in locations where there isn’t space to keep a skip, or access is difficult, grab lorries provide a safe and convenient alternative for disposing of waste.

Whichever option is right for your project, the waste collected in a skip or grab lorry will be disposed of safely and responsibly, and when hiring from Unicorn Skips, up to 95% of waste will be recycled.

What types of waste can grab lorries remove?

Grab lorries are suitable for disposing of a variety of common waste materials, including;

  • Concrete and bricks
  • Hardcore, earth, and topsoil
  • Garden and green waste
  • General non-hazardous waste


Using grab hire to get rid of rubbish is much easier and safer than transporting heavy and dirty materials to a waste recycling centre in a car or van. All waste can be collected at once too, with no need to sort and separate materials on site.

How much can a grab lorry take?

Before deciding whether to hire a grab lorry, consider how much weight a grab lorry can hold. The average lorry can accommodate up to 16 tonnes of waste, which is why grab hire is a popular option for those disposing of big volumes of rubbish, including gardeners, home renovators, and property developers.

If your project will generate significantly less waste than this, hiring a small skip might be a better solution.

To enquire about hiring a grab lorry in milton keynes – with no permit required – get in touch with Unicorn Skips using our contact form, or call 01908 596145 for a quick quote.

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